- Innovative Merchandising of Italian Harvest's Line in Oliver's Markets

Customers Easily See Entire Array of Italian Harvest's Artisan Specialty Foods from Italy - from Pasta to Gourmet Sweets.

Santa Rosa, Cotati, Sonoma County in Northern California (October 24, 2013) – Thanks to the insight and experience of Oliver's buyers and management team, customers can now shop Italian Harvest's entire line of artisan specialty Italian foods in one dedicated space within each of Oliver's three stores. By providing a complete picture, customers become more familiar with the different regions of Italy, and how these specialty items are used and prepared. Regional Italian foods tell the history of Italy --the tradition, pride and integrity of unique regions is always reflected in their food and preparation.

"This is a rare opportunity for us to shine from the get go." says John Blount, owner of Italian Harvest. "Typically our products are merchandised alongside other brands by category (rice, pastas, tomatoes, etc). Putting our Ligurian pesto next to Trofie pasta from Liguria, for example, gives shoppers a clear understanding of which products come from similar regions, and how to combine ingredients. By displaying all ingredients in one space at Oliver's Markets -- from pastas to olive oils, spices, sauces and sweets -- our products can be used to create authentic regional Italian dishes.
Oliver's offered Italian Harvest a total of 48 to 64 linear feet to fill as we saw fit. See photo above of Oliver's in Cotati, CA. From artisan pasta on the left to antipasti on the right, the full range of Italian Harvest's specialty foods is conveniently displayed together to entice customers to shop regional specialties at a glance. We have the opportunity to showcase what we consider to be an excellent product or preparation, reinforced by informational shelf talkers and product tastings. Next we will be providing customers with video links to food preparation and artisans at work, as well as traditional regional recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare.

Italian Harvest is extremely grateful to Oliver's for this opportunity. We see this as the wave of the future and welcome requests from other retailers who might want to dedicate more space to our imports.

Italian Harvest products are available online at www.italianharvest.com and at local retailers throughout the Bay Area, California and the US. For more information on where to buy call 1-866-408-4457 or visit their website. Oliver's Markets have three locally-owned and operated food markets serving Sonoma County, Santa Rosa and neighboring communities.
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