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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscia DOP by Il Molino , Organic, Lazio, 16.9 fl oz, 2022 crop, 6/CS

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This olive oil is part of Presidio Slow Food, which marks high quality local artisanal products. This DOP (Protected Local denomination) oil is produced exclusively from  Caninese olives, a cultivar local to the Tuscia area, just over an hour north of Rome, in the oldest part of the grove, where many trees are centuries old. The olives are gathered, stoned and pressed in our farm mill. The result is a supreme-quality organic product. This is a prized organic extra virgin oil, with an especially delicate, well-balanced, harmonious taste and a moderately fruity flavour. It is greenish-yellow in colour and opens to the nose with notes of thistle, dried fruit and aromatic herbs. On the palate, the initial sweetness gives way to a subtle bitterness and long notes of white pepper in the finish.

Region: TUSCIA
Bar Code: 8032927640405