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**OUT OF STOCK** Polenta Nobile Marano (Heirloom Corn): Veneto by Molino Filippi, 1.1 lbs, 6/CS *ETA PENDING*

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This special polenta is made from Marano corn, an ancient corn genotype grown only in the Veneto region. It is typically served for holidays and special events.
Stir the entire 1.1 lbs of polenta into 3 quarts of water that is not quite boiling, and keep stirring at a very low flame for about 30 minutes or until done. Then spread on a wooden bread cutter and place your sauce over the top. Molino Filippi recommends serving with walnuts, milk, and chestnut honey.
Ingredients: Marano corn flour.
Weight: {1.1oz}
Region: VENETO
Bar Code: 8014359100078